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Are you in a private book group or do you visit one at your local library or bookstore? Chris will join you.

(Feel no guilt asking: it’s not an imposition. He visits three or four every week.)


COVID-19 Contingency Plan:  I am happy to join you all in (at least) three ways: I can Zoom with you; I can Skype with you; OR we can schedule an event on Facebook and I will answer your questions there. My email is  if you want me to join you.

The HOUR OF THE WITCH has tolled. Schedule your group visit with Chris today and return to 1662 Boston, a world where Satan was as real as your neighbor.

Order your group’s copies.

Chris will be glad to schedule a 20-minute conference by speakerphone or Skype when you’re reading one of his books, if his calendar permits. (Be sure and check the Events page of this web site before suggesting a date.)

Please note that he does not join groups on weekends; he reserves them for his family.

Pick one date and one time, making sure on the Events page that he is not already speaking that night.

He receives a great many requests and can only accommodate 7 to 10 groups a week. If you do not hear back, it means he is booked on the night you have proposed.

The only ground rules?
1) Be sure your technology works ahead of time.
2) Be sure you know how to Skype or Zoom, if you have selected those options.
3) Be prompt.
4) Be sober. . .or at least not so thrilled with the Merlot you have brought to the book group that your questions become incomprehensible.

Still interested?

Then fill out the following form. Thanks for your interest!

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